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Where Our E-Liquids are Crafted

by Jennifer Frank January 27, 2016

Where Our E-Liquids are Crafted

Ever wonder about our facility? Here's a mini tour of our lab!

We practice safe handling and cleanliness in our facility. We are constantly working on upgrading our lab because we care about the product that we produce for you.

Quality Liquids produced in a trusted environment.

We endeavor to be transparent to our partners and our community, proudly posting pictures of our lab and continually upgrading our production facility. Already we have medical grade stainless steel fixtures, positive air pressure and HEPA filters. Sealed bottles go into our lab and sealed bottles come out.

Trusted Sourced Ingredients.

We only source the highest quality ingredients to ensure that all of our liquids are safe for use in electronic cigarettes.

Time Tested and True.

Putting our liquids through the paces, we ensure a quality vape throughout the entire steeping process. With our diverse flavor pallets, we ensure that we release a product that can be enjoyed continually and will hold up to the test of time, and in some cases getting better with age.


If you have questions regarding our manufacturing process or our facility, please feel free to e-mail us at

Jennifer Frank
Jennifer Frank


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