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Salt Nicotine E-Liquids

Have you tried Salt Nicotine?

Regular nicotine (now, commonly referred to as Freebase nicotine) is actually a salt when it is extracted. This is why you cannot get pure nicotine on your skin without getting poisoned. When we process it for use in e-liquid, it loses that salt and the result is a delayed-gratification from your e-liquids.

Salt nicotine is freebase nicotine that has been re-bonded with a salt molecule. The result is a faster absorption of the nicotine and a more cigarette-like satisfaction. This means you can use salt nicotine as you crave it instead of trying to gauge when you will be craving next.

This collection contains a selection of e-liquid containing salt nicotine. There's a mix of high VG in 3 & 6 mg for the sub-ohm vaper and higher PG for the MTL vaper.