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SALT NIX is, economical, versatile, compact and effective.

SALT NIX allows for the body to absorb nicotine almost instantly, as the body metabolizes salt quickly. Perfect for new vaper's who are dissatisfied with the wait time of nicotine absorption with standard freebased nicotine e-liquids (nicotine carried in VG or PG)SALT NIX provides vapers a sensation closer to a cigarette.   

Curious about the difference between SALT NIX and other e-liquids on the market? In scientific terms, salt nicotine is a treated form of nicotine that saturates both nitrogen ports, which neutralizes the adverse harshness of freebased nicotine. In actuality, the naturally grown tobacco plant produces what the industry refers to as salt nicotine, not freebase nicotine.

SALT NIX Liquids are NOT designed for high-wattage use or sub-ohm platforms. These products are specifically meant to be used in pod-based, closed systems and low-output atomizers/mods.

Intended for 7-12 watts ONLY

We highly recommend using these liquids with low-output platforms like the Limitless Pulse, MyJet, Boulder Rock, and other pod-type systems or low-wattage atomizers/devices such as the Kabuki or Nautilus. If you are uncertain when selecting your strength we recommend starting low as opposed to high where you may end up with something too strong. 

All SALT NIX E-liquids are mixed 50PG/50VG

Available strengths are 20 & 40 mg

15ml for $15.00 | 30ml for $25.00