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PVC Heat Shrink Battery Wraps


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Battery re-wrapping is free in store for any standard battery wraps, excluding the Graphic wraps. Just bring your batteries and we'll get you protected!

18650 Battery PVC Wrap
20700/21700 Battery PVC Wrap
26650 Battery PVC Wrap

Pre-cut for easy use, trim off 2-3 mm for unprotected batteries.

Perfect for re-wrapping or adding an extra layer of protection for your batteries.

Heat gun recommended for application, though a hair dryer would work too.

Colour based upon availability. Available colours may include: Clear, red, blue, green, purple, black, grey, yellow.

10-Pack for $2.00

Limited Stock of various Graphic 18650 wraps available. Graphics could include Darth Vader, Game of Thrones, War Craft, Animation.

Type: Accessories

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