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Bó Pod Replacement - Big Vapour 3 Pack

Bo Vaping

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Replacement E-Liquid Cartridges for the Bó One Pod System.

Nicotine strength varies by Flavour in 12 mg, 14 mg, 24 mg & 18 mg.

Available Flavours:

Apple Tobacco (14mg/28mg only) - Tobacco with an apple kick

Aura (10mg/20mg only) - Tart Pomegranate Raspberry

Breezy Mint (12mg/24mg only) - Refreshing mint

Cola (12mg/24mg only) The cola we all know and love

Espresso Cake (14mg/28mg only) - Coffee and cake, what's not to love?

Fruit Punch (14mg/28mg only) - Fruity and punchy!

      Type: E-Liquid

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