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Morning Glory - Secret Blend of Cereals


Just Add Milk

We've finally perfected it! We're so anxious for everyone to try it that we can't wait for it to steep. Grab a few bottles today, and try it fresh. Then let it steep, let it turn a brilliant caramel colour and we promise you, it will blow you away. The richness and smoothness really have to come through. It's tasty fresh, but turns to magic in two weeks. Get a head start today!

Morning Glory is a tasty blend of cereal flavours , lightly sweetened and blended to create a smooth, nostalgic vape. Once it steeps it takes on it's full potential, see if you can wait and then try to guess which three cereals inspired it!

All Toronto Juice Co. E-Liquids are mixed 25PG/75VG for superior taste and vapor.

Available strengths are 0, 3 & 6 mg.

30 ml for $13.00 | 120 ml for $45.00

Type: E-Liquid

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