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Vandy Vape Mesh Wire

Vandy Vape

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Vandy Vape Mesh Wire 5ft Spool

High quality mesh wire from Vandy Vape, perfect for mesh compatible rebuilding atomizers such as the Vandy Vape Mesh RTA and more!

Kanthal and NiChrome wire may only be used in wattage mode. Stainless steel wire may be used in wattage and SS316L temperature control mode.

Available in:

  • Kanthal KA1 Mesh Wire 80mesh 5ft Spool - 2.8ohm/ft
  • NiChrome Ni80 Mesh Wire 100mesh 5ft Spool - 1.8ohm/ft
  • Stainless Steel SS316L Mesh Wire 200mesh 5ft Spool - 1.2ohm/ft


Type: Accessories

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