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Wick's Wraps Coils

Wick's Wraps

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Wrapped in Edmonton, AB, Wick's Wraps are solid built coils for the everyday vaper. Consistent, clean builds is what you can expect. Paired with your favourite cotton (ours is Native Wicks), you'll get the best flavour possible out of your favourite RDA/RTA.

Micro Aliens (~0.85Ω): These coils are absolutely rockin' in your MTL RTAs or single coil MTL RDAs. Sold as a single coil, these will impress you in vapes like the Berserker or Billet Box.

Aliens (~0.18Ω): These flavour and e-liquid loving coils will fit solid in most rebuildables. Sold as dual coils, start flavour chasing with these bad boys today!

Aliens (~0.40Ω): These coils are best in a rebuildable with lots of space as they are a wider build with 9 wraps. Sold as dual coils, surface area = flavourtown.

Fraliens (~0.16Ω): Say what?!? Framed Aliens. These are a sturdy and long lasting flavour coil. Sold as dual coils.

Fused Clapton (~0.30Ω): Clapton coils have mostly become an industry standard for most coil manufacturers (both factory coils and pre-builts) - the added surface area and smaller outer wraps give claptons generally less ramp up and more flavour at lower and higher wattages. Sold as dual coils.

Framed Staples (~0.16Ω): These coils are a sturdy, long lasting and solid set of coils. Definitely a "staple" for your build kit. Sold as dual coils.

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